About Foxy

I live in a passion, with passion, from passion… And this is what my pictures are about.
I’m non-traditional polish-born photographer based in Milton Keynes.

Do you live in Bedford, Northampton, Luton, Oxford or nearby and you dream of a professional photo shoot? Don’t worry! I’ll come to you. We can create a photo studio in your own home. I offer a wide range of services ranging from portrait photography and wedding photography to commercial photography, baby photos and even fashion photo shoot.

About photography

In the electronic age almost everyone has a camera or mobile phone with a camera. These appliances are typically used when pictures are intended solely for use “home”. However, in the important moments of our life, when quality is relevant, consumers are turning to professional help. Professional photographs, thanks to photographer’s experience and with appropriate equipment, show more sublime nature of each event.


Why you should choose Foxy

EXPERIENCE – I am a photographer for eight years. Every day I picked up the camera with the same enthusiasm.

EQUIPMENT – The best equipment equal to the highest photograph’s quality.
I use Canon EOS 5D MARK II, few lenses to diffrent type of photography, professional flash and a lot of other accessories.
Thanks to professional equipment your photos can be printed in a huge format ( 78 x 52 inches max )

PRICES – I want to be honest with you- you can find many cheaper photographers. Maybe you can find someone who do wedding reportage for a few dozen pounds.
Do you like unique and vintage photographs? Is picture quality matters to you?
I offer the highest quality at an average price. It is a good deal.

PACKAGES – Both in lifestyle and wedding photography I have many packages to choose from. You can also take advantage of additional features such as photo books, canvas prints, cushions, personalised note-pad and many more.

STYLE – the style of my artwork is remarkable; a bit vintage and romantic. I am non-traditional photographer.

PHOTOSHOP – Is a long way from the press the shutter buton to forward images to your hands. Each photo is subject to digital manipulation in PhotoShop, where I set the contrast, saturation, colors, but also retouches. No spots. No discoloration.

LEARNING – I’m still learning and retraining. This applies to photography, digital imaging, as well as the newest equipment and the best graphics programs.
I use the traditional sources of knowledge (books), but often I follow the tutorials on YouTube and photography’s websites.

CREATIVITY – I approach each session individually: wonder about the appropriate colors, find an interesting place, preparing goodies for the session. Most of them are my personal DIY projects. Everything is done to make your photo session unique and photographs wonderful souvenir for many years.

Last one and the most important is:

LOVE– I just love my job and I really like work with people.